Semester 2, 2020

Radical Work

The Practice-Research-Teaching Nexus. Why, How and What?

This Stream aims to raise a series of discussions about cultivating a practice-research-teaching nexus in educational settings, from first year studio through to PhD projects, and to explore how such a nexus can reconnect us to the roots of learning and discovery. This nexus is understood here as way to mobilise design studio projects that are explicitly linked to research questions, engaging students in relevant and pressing contemporary issues, with the power to bolster and contribute to practice in professional settings.

Why would we want to actively cultivate such a practice-research-teaching nexus in the university setting? Is this beneficial for students, staff and sessional academics alike, and if so, how? How does it shift the status of learning and discovery? What different approaches are effective? Can the cultivation of such a nexus help us make a greater difference to many, significant contemporary challenges?  How do regional specificities shape any such nexus? What is the role of the University Campus and are there new ways of thinking about what a campus could become? And, in the midst of the covid-change, what new opportunities should we be paying attention to?

Student workshops will start to test out some premises to feed into later discussions.

A key aim of the discussion series will be to unpack the whys, the hows and the differences in approach to cultivating this nexus, as relevant to varied situations and contexts.

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