Semester 2, 2020

Radical Work

Thinking Rooms

Through what other ways – unfamiliar to our current design refrains or repertoires – might we work on design projects? Can we bring diverse projects to shared thinking processes?  This Stream of Radical Work is shared across fourth and fifth year students, taking the form of fortnightly workshop ‘excursions’ through the work and expertise of a range of Visiting Architects and Experts.

Each Thinking Room is a chance for students to bring their design research projects to a different table – together – through shared exposure to notable guests, invited to share their specific areas of expertise. The Thinking Rooms are concerned with design origins, contexts, approaches and methodologies, and enculturate sharing between designers. They involve lectures, workshops, readings, and specific activities designed to be broad enough to apply to student’s varied individual projects. Some may have more of a bearing on individual student projects than others, but each will offer a different ‘lens’ or set of techniques through which to return afresh to their work, a way to re-position or comprehend it, or to acquire new methods for working on and through projects.  Thinking Rooms occur on alternate Tuesdays.

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