Design Studio (4th Year) is structured into a number of tutor-led themes and will explore complex issues associated with architecture’s agency in the social, economic and ideological conditions we face. The studio will explore the overall theme of ‘Radical Work’ by re-viewing the typology of the campus (Callaghan) and exploring its alternatives. A key focus of the studio is about learning to care about our impact on the world through design – how do we establish common ground?

Through creative design practices students will explore the ‘campus as radical commons’ – where it is no longer a figure-ground relationship of architecture and land/landscape but a complex ecology , multi-species commons, and a place of dynamic flux in a post-COVID world. What does it take to be radical and why?

The ‘Radical Work’ symposia and thematic studio workshops present students with alternative ways of working. The studio explores the sub-themes of ecology, care and agency and will ask ‘what does it take to create a sustainable future?’. Through iterative exercises in design communication, critical thinking and reflection, we aim to understand our impact on the world, to find other ways of working and to learn the care that is necessary for there to be any common ground.

August 2020
September 2020
October 2020
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