Team 10: Final Design Thesis Project

Studio 10 is intimately connected with the Thematic semester. The polyphony of voices will help to articulate 5th year students’ research challenges and designs, throughout “critically” and “radically” revisit their research, to make them work.

The way the semester is organised is a collective construction: workshops, organised with 4th year, where the Visiting “voices” are invited; followed by workshops, conducted and peer-reviewed by students every other week, and focus on helping each other and work collectively and collaboratively.

The semester is articulated in streams and design families strongly interlaced with the Thematic & Visiting Architects & Experts program:

A series of fortnightly “Thinking Rooms” will expose students to new voices, lenses and design approaches.

Thinking Rooms –

See studio 10 final submissions –

Course Coordinator: Irene Perez-Lopez,  with Beth George

August 2020
September 2020
October 2020
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