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Design Studio 8

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Design Studio 10
Thinking Rooms



Oct 13 2020


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

CJ Lim – Drawing Narratives, Architectural Storytelling ▶

Drawing narratives can be an unorthodox but extraordinary medium for architectural speculations. The eccentric characteristics of drawings by CJ Lim and his Bartlett PG Unit 10 advocate the symbiosis of critical thinking and the processes of conception and conceptualisation of design – the layered nature proves versatility in the imagination of spatial experiences, enabling the complex stories of place, brief and building to materialise. At the same time, the politicisation of architecture through storytelling engenders a sense of optimism to reappraise design futures.
For this session, CJ seeks six volunteers–each to share a finished drawing, with which CJ would use to discuss creative possibilities with the online audience.