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May 29 2022


1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Mattie Sempert & Roseanne Bartley – Writing about and with one’s Creative Practice. ▶

Many creative practice PhD candidates struggle with the (unavoidable) task of writing in drawing out what’s required for a doctoral degree. The possible approaches to this task are as infinite and diverse as the nature of practices themselves. Arguably, the most successful PhDs manage to form a resonance between the manner of writing and the manner of practicing operating at the heart of the doctoral research.  

This session invites two highly accomplished practitioners – Dr Mattie Sempert (acupuncturist-writer) and Dr Roseanne Bartley (jeweller) – to discuss how they have developed inventive approaches to writing in the context of a creative practice PhD. This session will act as a precursor to writing workshops for creative practice PhD candidates to be held in semester 2, 2022.