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Aug 13 2022


2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Sempert and Bartley – Practice Writing Workshop 2

The writing up of a practice-based PhD can be an arduous and overwhelming task. Frequently the liveliness of an occasion can be difficult to capture – the riches of new knowledge often resist being pinned down in words, and once recounted research findings can appear flattened or lifeless on the page.

Over two Practice Writing workshops Dr Roseanne Bartley and Dr Mattie Sempert explore what conditions of writing make it possible for a practice-based project to take on a life of its own within the PhD dissertation. You will be guided through creative writing exercises that may assist candidates in developing confidence in their own writing process, one that gives voice to the ways and means of their research practice.


·         to grow your writing practice in attunement with your creative practice/s. 

·         to learn both structural and playful techniques to help bring your writing alive.

·         to free up your writing voice.

·         to allow your writing to develop its own agency


Please download Mattie Sempert’s book, Sweetspots and read: “Essaying Bodies, Bodying Essays”, p17-25  & ‘Spinoza’s Body Politic’ p193-202 (workshop 2).