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History Theory 2
History Theory 2





Oct 16 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Students only

Dr Cathy Keys – Critical Histories of Australian Architecture #3

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Lecture 3 will be delivered by Dr Cathy Keys, from the University of Queensland. Her paper is titled: Reconsidering histories of architecture through the exchange of knowledge between Indigenous people and European settlers on Australia’s colonial frontiers.

Dr Cathy Keys is a Research Fellow in the School of Architecture, The University of Queensland. Her research considers issues of culture and gender difference in existing architectural histories exploring the social and historical properties of Australian vernacular architecture. She has a background of research into the cultural and architectural properties of Warlpiri-speaking Aboriginal women’s jilimi (single women’s camps). More recently, her research has focused on the flow of architectural knowledge between First Nations people and settlers on Northern Australia’s moving colonial frontier. A practising artist – her architectural teaching focuses on the cultural aspects of materials and making.