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Sep 10 2022


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Examining the Creative Practice PhD. ▶

Dorita Hannah & Nigel Bertram – PERI Keynote.

How do examiners approach the task of absorbing and assessing a PhD through creative practice? What do they look for, and what makes a PhD of this nature excel? Are there particular ways in which the three components—the exhibition, the verbal presentation and the written document—need to speak to one another? How does this differ, or not, from thesis submission and/or a hybrid model?

Professor Dorita Hannah and Professor Nigel Bertram are both exceptionally experienced examiners of creative practice PhDs, having also ushered a great many candidates of their own through the examination process. They will speak to this experience, offering current PhD candidates insight into how to best prepare their research for examination.