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May 18 2022


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Simon Oudiette – Visualise to Design: Using composition principles to critique your own work ▶

This seminar aims to introduce students to the topic of visualization in the realm of architectural design, and specifically to explore its role in the design process. 

Framing the concept of composition as a design approach rather than mere representation, the lecture and workshop will emphasize the many interlinkages that exist between the process of designing an architectural project and crafting a set of images to depict it. In short, envisioning the representation of the project as a project in itself. 

Emphasis will be placed on the similarities between architectural spatial concepts and their illustration – and how they can inform one another throughout the design process. 

To clarify topics addressed in the lecture, students will undertake guided practical exercises using provided material or their own projects. By sharing key principles of image composition and communication, students will develop new ways of tackling their current or future projects in a more holistic way.