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Aug 29 2022


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Shannon Foster + Jo Patterson Kinneburgh – giligili’djanaba: Cultural Performance in the Built Environment ▶

Our presentation recasts the city as ‘urban Country,’ working with the enduring spirit of that Country to reveal and perform traces of entities that have undergone colonial erasure at the hands of architecture, urban design and Western governance.  We position on-Country cultural performance in the built environment as a critical spatial practice (Rendell, 2008) that reasserts the sovereign relationality between the acts of performing/gathering/making and the ground upon which they are enacted – ground that is geologic and Ancestral, bearing deep time rocks and oral histories, ephemerally percolated by fugacious water and ceremony; aerated by the wind, loves and fleeting breath; enveloped by the skies, ecologies, community and your Ancestors’ blood pumping within your skin.