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Aug 09 2021


2:00 am - 3:00 pm

Helen Pynor – Experimenta Life Forms ▶

Dr Helen Pynor is an Artist and Researcher whose practice explores the materiality of human and non-human bodies, and philosophically and experientially ambiguous zones in relation to the human body. She works across a range of media including sculpture, photography, installation, video, media art, performance, wet biology and microscopy.

In this lecture, Pynor will discuss 3 in-depth research and exhibition projects: ‘The Body is a Big Place’ (2011-2014) exploring the intersubjective nature of organ transplantation, ‘The End is a Distant Memory’ (2016) exploring the life-death boundary; and ‘Habitation’ (2021) exploring the porosity of the animate-inanimate boundary in relation to prosthetics.