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Design Studio 2
Ground Work





Aug 27 2020


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Student workshop – DOORS OF RECEPTION – Rowan Olsson

This workshop invites you to consider afresh the divide between the internal (privately owned) space of your current dwelling location and the external (public) environment with which it interfaces.

Rowan graduated the MoA at Newcastle in 2015. He carries a diverse range of experience from residential work in a small design-build practice to large transport and infrastructure projects in one of Sydney’s largest commercial offices. Along with conventional practice he is also an avid maker-fabricator experimenting with translating digital design models to real world metal and timber via hand and CNC fabrication. He is currently undertaking Creative Practice Research which draws on these skills to produce architectural equipment which can foster a lifestyle of increased autonomy and resilience. These creations seek to fuse the principals and philosophy of permaculture with the design language of architecture.