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Design Studio 8

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Design Studio 10
Thinking Rooms



Oct 20 2020


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Perry Kulper – Behind the Scenes ▶

Broken into six key parts, ‘Behind the Scenes’ will lightly unpack developments in linear perspective, it will frame ‘erasure’ as an architectural and spatial activity, it will set up 14 design methods, with selected examples of work, and it will build an argument for closer consideration of the roles of sites, programs and authors in representational and spatial production. These establishing a framework for drawing out hunches, flat out shots in the dark and outcomes toward constructing spatial practices—students and mine. Using examples of historical precedents, student work and mine, alongside references to the amateur, detective and acupuncturist, and a few key influences, ‘Behind the Scenes’ will build a relational calculus that points to developing spatial, representational, cultural and disciplinary participation. References include curiosity cabinets, Robert Venturi’s ‘Complexity and Contradiction’, Wallace Stevens’ poem ’13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’, Jorge Luis Borges’ ‘Celestial Emporium of Celestial Knowledge’, Surrealism, the Baroque period, Robert Rauschenburg’s Combines and indeterminacy. Thoughts about relational assemblies, language prompts, analogous thinking, the naming problem, tailored visualizations, typological rebooting and inventive programmatic formulations will populate the margins. ‘Behind the Scenes’ will game with some key influences, a cross-section of work and constructing a teaching practice, tracing processes where an architect might need to be many architects.