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Sep 16 2022


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Carlos Arroyo – The unstable façade ▶

The lecture presents the research carried out by Carlos Arroyo to conditioning design projects with the least possible energy expenditure, which has resulted in the definition of renewed elements such as the unstable façade, the screw patio, the thermal onion, the virtual sun, with which he generates a new architectural language. The office defines protocols that respond to a new architecture paradigm that, being exciting and desirable, is beneficial for human beings and the planet.  

“We must develop an architectural language in response to climate change. We must air-condition with Architecture”. We have known for 40 years now that the excessive use of energy from fossil fuels is a dramatic problem and learning how to reduce it technically, but we have not yet managed to change the architectural language sufficiently so that this knowledge is transferred to the normality that corresponds to the current paradigm. Archaic architectural solutions continue to be promoted, like the glass prism, which does not correspond to the moment we live and design.”